Subway Surfers MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Keys) v3.29.1 free on Android

Subway Surfers Mod APK

  • Unlimited Coins and Keys
  • Updated to Classic Event 2024
  • Unlocked Characters and outfits
  • Unlocked Hoverboards and Skins
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Ads-Free
NameSubway Surfers Mod APK
RequirementsAndroid 5.1 or above
Latest Versionv3.30.2
File Size168.1 MB
Downloads1.7 Billion +
Reviews40.6 Million
DeveloperKiloo and SYBO
Game modeSingle-player (online or offline)
Source: Google Play Store

Do you want to play Subway Surfers like a pro and achieve a high score to impress your friends? If yes, you will love the Subway Surfers MOD APK, which gives you everything you need to achieve your goal.

What is Subway Surfers APK

Subway Surfers is a 3D video endless runner game. This game, powered by the Unity game engine, was co-developed by SYBO and Kiloo in 2012. This game takes you on a solo adventure with its single player-mode and breaks the monotony of your daily life.

This game is popular worldwide due to its addictive gameplay and HD graphics, and evidence is Play Store’s stat; this game has more than 1.8 billion downloads and a high rating [4.6] with 40.7 million reviews.

Anyone can download this game from the play store and play the game free of cost. But the problem is that it has premium items which require tons of coins or real money to buy them, and sometimes the game forces you to watch ads to get them.

What is Subway Surfers Mod APK

Subway Surfers Mod APK is a modded version of Subway Surfers APK that gives you access to all rare and paid items for free. You don’t need to watch ads or spend real money to buy your favorite item by getting this modded version on your Android device. You will enjoy all items without any worry or restrictions.

Subway Surfers Story

The adventurous journey of a surfer starts from the subway of a train station, where the protagonist, Jake, sprays graffiti on the train coaches but unfortunately is caught by the grumpy cop and his dog. That is the moment where the player transforms into a naughty boy character, and he/she controls the movements of Jake to escape from the furious inspector.

subway surfers mod apk

Subway Surfers MOD APK decorates the rail track with a dynamic obstacle layout and fast paced-trains to make running more challenging. Moreover, Traffic light poles and dark rail- tunnels also check the player’s reflexes. The player must be quick and active while dodging various obstacles; otherwise, the police will catch him.

There are random rows of coins on the track that are essential to collect as they are the game’s currency, so players should collect them more and more as they can; more coins mean more rewards. In addition, the player should grab the amplifiers that appear randomly on the tracks as they boost the score.

In short, the story of the game is based on a single concept “to run as fast as you can on the metro’s subway around the world.”

Game’s Unique Power-ups

Subway Surfers MOD APK provide special power-ups to make running on the track trouble-free. The following amplifiers help you escape the police with ease, avoid the obstacle effectively, collect more coins, and boost your skill and score. 

  • Jetpack Joyride: Use a jetpack to fly high in the sky, avoid obstacles, and collect coins easily.
  • Gold-Magnet: Hold a magnet in your hand to attract gold coins from all around without any effort, making you a coin-collecting champion in the game!
  • Super Sneakers: Jump long, high, and move quickly with Super Sneakers. But be careful not to jump too late or too early, as you might crash into something and get caught by the police.
  • Coin Doubler: Collect coins and get double the value to unlock cool stuff.
  • Hoverboards: Glide above the tracks on a hoverboard and avoid obstacles. Also, save you from getting caught by the grumpy Inspector if you are hit with anything.
  • Power Jump: Make big jumps to clear trains and obstacles quickly.
  • Score Booster: Multiply your score with 5 /6/7 for a short time to get more points.
  • Mega Headstart: Start the game with a significant boost to go far ahead.
  • 2X Multiplier: Double your score throughout the game to get more points.
  • Super Mystery Box: an exciting surprise box, open it and discover hidden treasures and game-changing boosts.

Each power-up has its pros and cons. You have to use them wisely and strategically to get the best results. You can also upgrade your amplifiers to stay active for a longer time and run even better! Do not miss this chance to supercharge your adventure with these special power-ups!

Why do Players Fall in Love with the Subway Surfers

Hd Graphics: Subway Surfers mod APK has high-resolution graphics and smooth 3D animation that give a cartoonish view while playing. The lively art style not only influences children but also attracts older people because of its charming and inclusive design. This broad appeal makes it a game that crosses age and gender barriers.

Easy Control: This game has simple and easy control. You need to tap on the screen to start the game and swipe on the screen to control the character’s movement. Swipe left/right to alter the subway. Swipe up to leap or climb onto the train. Swipe down to roll under barriers.

Challenging-Gameplay: Subway Surfers challenges the players with its speedy gameplay. It might appear easy, but the real test comes from overcoming obstacles and completing missions. The players love to play the challenging parts that never let them stop!

Leaderboard: Subway Surfers MOD APK has introduced a Leaderboard where any player can see his ranking and the score of his friends. This motivates the player to achieve the highest score and be the best of the best!

Top Run: This game also has a warm feature called Top Run, where players can see the high scorers around the world. People like it because they try to get a high score to come on top so that they can show their skills to the global community.

Limited-Time-Events: Subway Surfers holds different events for a few days or weeks called Limited-Time-Events. For example, players take part in Daily Challenge and the Weekly Hunt to get exclusive items and rewards like tokens, keys, and unique boards.

World Tour: This game takes players on a World Tour. Each location has a specific theme that showcases its culture, scenery, and secrets, like neon signs in Tokyo or dodging ancient temples and fire-breathing dragons in Beijing. Players love and enjoy new crazy characters and boards that parallel their location. 

Subway Surfers Mod Features

Subway Surfers MOD APK turns you into a super surfer because every item in the game is limitless, which makes you an unstoppable runner. With the unlimited resources, you can break high records easily and surprise your rivals.

Unlimited Gold Coins

You pocket will full of limitless coins in the modded version without paying a cent or working hard to collect them off the track. From the game store, you can purchase any of your favorite items with limitless tokens. In short, unlimited coins mean infinite enjoyment.

Infinite Keys

Keys are necessary for non-stop running but quickly exhaust in the standard version. However, if you play the modified version, you’ll have unlimited keys and lives, helping you to achieve excellent results and top the global leaderboard.

Unlocked Characters

Unlocking new characters is highly challenging for both novice and skilled players in order to overcome this drawback modified version grants you access to all personas , allowing you to quickly choose between a variety of extraordinary characters with their unique looks and personalities to make the game more exciting and entertaining.


Unlocked Hoverboards

The modded version provides a wide range of unlocked hoverboards. You can jump high, zap sideways, or surf fast with your favorite boards for free. Each board has a unique power that brings energy and fun to the game. You will love them all, so try them!

subway surfers mod apk || unlocked hoverboards

Unlocked Skins and Outfits

In the MOD Subway Surfers, you can dress up your character in all sorts of cool outfits and skins that are usually locked in the regular game. Imagine being a superhero, robot, or even an alien – you can do that in the modded version!

Infinite Jump

In the regular version, you can take a single leap at a time, which limits your ability to dodge high obstacles effectively. But with this modded version, you can take high and infinite jumps without landing on the ground first, making the game more fun and easy because you can avoid crashing into anything.

No Ads

With this modified version, You will enjoy the gameplay with an ad-free experience. You can surf the subway without any distraction or delay and focus on achieving high scores and completing missions. Enchance your fun with Zero Ads watch experience.

What’s New

  • Starting May 13th, Subway Surfers is taking us back to where it all began! Dive into the World Tour Classic 2024 and experience the original tracks like never before.
  • In its 12th birthday celebration, Subway Surfers welcomes you with its four new characters: Pixel Jake, Ballerina Tricky, King’s Guard, and Hammy Bee.
  • Join a weekly event called Birthday Bonanza and enjoy a fresh selection of discounted characters, including all Super Runners and Rivals.

How to install Subway Surfers Mod APK

  • Uninstall the older version of Subway Surfers installed on your mobile phone to install the latest one.
  • Then go to and tap on the download button. 
  • After downloading, head to your device’s file manager or check your downloads folder to locate the downloaded Subway Surfers modded APK file. Once found, tap on the file to begin the installation process.
  • A prompt will arise on the screen requesting permission to install a file from an unknown resource; tap “Install” and wait until the installation.
  • Tap “OPEN” to start the game after installation is finished.
  • A pop will appear; enter your age, and tap “Accept” for its Terms and Services and the Privacy Policy.
  • Tap on “Tap to Play” and enjoy infinite coins,keys, and unlocked characters.

Final Verdict

Subway Surfer Mod APK isn’t just a game; it’s an immersive adventure that redefines fun with unlimited resources. Holds its reign in the mobile gaming industry for years with its captivating gameplay and massive fan base.

We hope you have liked it as well as you downloaded the game from []. If you’ve learned something useful from our website, please share it in your community. We recommends you, visit APK YP for getting other endless runner games.


Subway Surfers doesn’t have a definite end; it’s an endless runner game. If you bump into anything, your run ends unless you have something to continue. The game’s goal is competition along with high scores, with frequent updates to keep players engaged.

  • Open the game, tap the crown icon, and connect your Facebook account to discover friends who also play.
  • Furthermore, you can send friend requests to other players by searching for their names or IDs.
  • If your friend list disappears, try disconnecting and logging in again.

To check options in the settings menu, touch the gear symbol on the top right edge of the screen. Sound, music, notifications, language, graphics quality, and restore purchases are options.

To change your name, avatar, or dress, click the profile icon in the game’s top left corner.

To synchronize your progress on various devices or platforms, log in using your Facebook account. Additionally, you may back up and restore your data using cloud save.

Subway Surfers MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Keys) v3.29.1 free on Android
Subway Surfers Mod APK

Download Subway Surfers Mod APK v3.29.1 for all unlocked characters, Unlimited Coins and Keys and events including latest Classic Event 2024.

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Operating System: Android 5.1 Plus

Application Category: Game

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