What are the Rarest Subway Surfers characters and skins

Subway Surfers is the most played game in the world, with over 2 billion downloads. Though Subway Surfers is a simple endless runner game, it engages players with its frequent updates of characters and skins introduced each month.

Some of them are rare characters with exceptional skin and ability, and they are less introduced in the game, especially for a specific time.

Let’s explore some of the rarest characters and skins and how they can become part of your collection for your next run. Keep in mind that some of them are extinct and might not come back.

Zombie Jake (Rarest Character)

subway surfers rare characters || skins || Zombie Jake

Zombie Jake, the first zombie character in Subway Surfers, appeared in a Halloween-themed edition on October 24th, 2012. After 2020, he did not relaunch on any world tours.

Besides his default outfit, he also has Serious Outfit, released on the Mexico World Tour in 2019, in which both jacket and pants are ripped magenta. His greenish skin colour gives him a spooky look, like a zombie.

To get this spooky character, install the 2020 version of Subway Surfers from the internet and buy it from an in-game store with 95000 coins or with real-world currency, just for $4.99. His outfit can be bought for 30 keys.

Elf Tricky

subway surfers rare characters || skins || Elf Tricky

Elf Tricky, the first lady limited character, was released on December 1, 2012. She wears an elf outfit consisting of Santa Claus and a dress coloured red, white, and green.

This only human elf character has two other outfits: the Ice Outfit and the Candy Outfit, just for 30 keys. You can unlock this character for 95 000 coins or $2.99 real money in future on-coming Christmas editions.


subway surfers rare characters || skins || Rabbot

Rabbot is a rare combo of pink rabbit and bronze-colored robot. She was introduced in the World Tour Zurich update, specifically for the Easter Event.

Aside from pink and bronze, she is also available in red and gold skin with an Ironbun Outfit.

Her cost is 40 keys and 180 Easter eggs during the Easter Event, 99,000 gold coins in World Tour Copenhagen and 100,000 gold coins in the Oxford Event, and real currency in the Iceland Event.


subway surfers rare characters || skins || Monkbot

Monkbot is the first Chinese character introduced in the Beijing Edition of the game. He dressed in a unique Chinese-themed outfit consisting of a big bamboo hat and a red pearl necklace. 

He is a rare character, as he appears only in the Beijing Event without additional outfits, for the price of $3.99.


subway surfers rare characters || skins || Manny

Manny first appeared in the World Tour Mexico edition. He appears to be a skeleton with Mariachi and Luchador outfits. He is also the first skeleton character in the game.

This cool as a cucumber character comes with a price tag of 95,000 coins. Also, you can enjoy Manny’s fashion by buying his outfits for 50 keys.

Prince K

subway surfers rare characters || skins || Prince K

Prince K is the first Arab character wearing Arab traditional outfits. Like others, he comes with two extra outfits, a Jag Outfit and a Shine outfit, aside from his standard outfit.

To unlock this rare character, you will need a hefty 980,000 coins or to download Subway Surfers Mod APK. Also, both outfits are available for just 50 keys in the in-game store.


Subway surfers update its contents with new characters and rare skins; collecting these unique and special additions makes your in-game collection even more valuable. 
I hope you find this enjoyable and get excited to grab the rarest skins and show them off!

Not necessarily. While rare characters often have distinct appearances or abilities, their in-game performance may not necessarily surpass that of regular characters. The rarity aspect adds a collectible and exclusive element to the game.

If you miss an event introducing a rare character, there’s a chance that the character may not be available again. However, Subway Surfers occasionally brings back popular characters during special events or celebrations, so keep an eye on updates for potential comebacks.

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