How to Play Subway Surfers – Beginners Guide 2024

Hey Guys,  as a beginner, you are needing guidance on how to play subway surfers? Don’t worry, in this blog, I will give you a complete basic guide on what a newbie should take care of to play the game. To understand every aspect of Subway Surfers I need your attention to detail, read this piece of guidance carefully till the end.

how to play subway surfers

How to Control Your Character

In the game, a mischievous boy named Jack, who likes to create graffiti arts on the train. When you tap anywhere on the screen to play the game, a policeman and his dog start running after you to catch you. Here, your game is on and keep the following controls in mind for endless play.

  • Swipe up: This makes your character jump over low obstacles, such as barriers and cones. You can also use this to jump on top of the trains and collect coins and tokens on the roofs using sneakers.
  • Swipe down: This makes your character roll under high obstacles, such as tunnels and signs. You can use this during landing to reduce jump distance,or to cancel a jump if you see an obstacle ahead.
  • Swipe left or right: This makes your character switch lanes to avoid obstacles on the sides, such as trains and walls. You can also use this to collect coins and tokens on the left or right lanes.
  • Double tap: This activates your hoverboard, which is a special item that protects you from crashing for a short time. You can use this when you see a difficult obstacle or when you want to surf faster on the tracks.

You have to be quick and alert to use these gestures at the right time. If you hit any object, the game will end and the policeman will catch you. But don’t worry, you can use keys to revive yourself and continue the game.

How to Collect Coins and Tokens

The main aim of Subway Surfers is to collect coins and tokens as many as possible. Coins are inside game currency, which you can use to buy and upgrade power-ups, hoverboards, characters, and outfits. Tokens are special items that appear during events, such as seasonal or world tour events. You can use tokens to unlock prizes and rewards, such as keys, coins, hoverboards, and rare characters.

how to play subway surfers

You can find coins and tokens on the tracks, on the roofs of the trains, and in the air. To collect them, you have to swipe your character to the lane where they are and touch them.

How to Use Power-Ups

Power-ups are items that can help you play Subway Surfers better. They can boost your speed, protect you from obstacles, and increase your coin and token collection. You can find them on the tracks, in the mystery boxes, or in the shop or by watching ads.

Coin Magnet: This is a U-shaped magnet that attracts all the gold coins around you. You don’t have to swipe to collect them, they will come to you automatically. This is very useful for getting more coins in less time.

Jetpack: This is a double-engine jetpack that lifts you above the tracks. You can fly over the obstacles and collect a long line of coins in the sky. This is very useful for avoiding crashes and getting a lot of coins at once.

Super Sneakers: These are shoes that make you jump higher and faster. You can jump over tall obstacles and collect coins on the roofs of the trains and tunnels. This is very useful for reaching places that are normally hard to access.

2x Multiplier: This is a star that doubles your score multiplier. Your score multiplier is the number that determines how many points you get for each coin and token you collect. Your score increases with a greater multiplier.  This is a fantastic method to improve your score quickly.

Hoverboards are boards that you can surf on the tracks. They have two benefits: they make you go faster and they protect you from crashing. If you hit an obstacle while using a hoverboard, you won’t lose the game. Instead, you’ll lose the hoverboard and continue running. To activate it, just double tap the screen and the hoverboard will be yours for the next 12 seconds.

You can use power-ups to make your game more fun and exciting. But remember, they don’t last forever. Every amplifier is equipped with a timer that indicates its duration. When the timer expires, you’ll go back to normal. So Upgrade them up-to 30 seconds as soon as possible and make sure you use them wisely and at the right time.

How to Play Subway Surfers on PC

Subway Surfers  game is only available for the users of Android or iOS devices. But what if you want to play it on your PC? Is there a way to do that? The answer is yes. There are two ways, personally I have adopted to play Subway Surfers on PC: using an emulator or using a web game.

how to play subway surfers on pc

Using an emulator

By using an emulator, you can install and play Subway Surfers on your PC as if you were playing it on your phone. The only difference is that you have to use your keyboard instead of your touch screen. Here are the keys you need to use to control your character: – Left arrow: Swipe left – Right arrow: Swipe right – Up arrow: Swipe up – Down arrow: Swipe down – Space: Double tap.

Playing Online

 A web game is a game that you can play on your browser without downloading anything. There are some websites that offer web versions of Subway Surfers, such as Poki and Kizi. You can visit these websites and play Subway Surfers online on your PC. The controls are the same as using an emulator, except that you don’t need to install anything.

You can use either of these methods to play Subway Surfers on your PC. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Using an emulator gives you the same experience as playing on your phone, but it requires more space and memory on your PC. Using a web game is more convenient and fast, but it may not have the same graphics and features as the original game. You can go with one that fits your needs.

Final Thought

Throughout the entire blog, we walk you through every step of how to play Subway Surfers on mobile and pc, gather money and keys, and use upgraded power-ups.We truly hope that you found our advice to be informative and helpful.. Please post a comment if you are still having issues while playing, and we will do our best to resolve them.

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