Subway Surfers vs Temple Run: Which Reigns Supreme in Endless Fun?

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game to play on your Android/iOS, you might have heard of two popular titles: Subway Surfers and Temple Run. Both games are endless runners, meaning that you have to swipe and tap your screen to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power-ups as you run. The games also boast entertaining and challenging, with vibrant graphics and catchy soundtracks.

In this article, we will compare the features of Subway Surfers and Temple Run and see which game you should pick based on more fun.

Subway Surfers vs Temple Run: Variety and Content

One of the main edges of Subway Surfers over Temple Run is that it has more variety and content. Unlike Temple Run, which has only one mode and one setting similar to the Minion Rush game, Subway Surfers has a world tour mode where you can travel to different cities every month and collect special items and characters. For example, in the August 2023 update, you can visit Tokyo and meet Harumi, an adorable anime and cosplay enthusiast. You can also collect sushi magnets, cherry blossom hoverboards, and origami jetpacks.

Subway Surfers has more character and customization options than Temple Run. You can choose from over 120 characters, each with their own qualities and fashion. You can also change their outfits, accessories, and hoverboards to suit your mood and preference.

Subway Surfers has an AR feature than Temple Run, which you can use to resize your favorite characters and take cool pictures and videos of characters with different outfits and hoverboards.

Subway Surfers or Temple Run: Ease and User- Friendliness

Subway Surfers is better than Temple Run in terms of being easier and user-friendly. Temple Run can be quite frustrating and difficult, especially for beginners. You have to tilt your device to move left or right, swipe up to leap, swipe down to slide, and swipe left or right to turn. If you make a mistake or miss a swipe, you can easily crash into a wall, fall off a cliff, or get caught by the monkeys.


Subway Surfers, on the other hand, is more forgiving and smooth. You only have to swipe left/right to change lanes, swipe up/down to avoid obstacles, and double-tap to activate a hoverboard. You don’t have to worry about tilting your device or turning corners. You also have more chances to survive if you hit an obstacle. You can use keys to revive yourself or to upgrade power-ups like jetpacks, magnets, or score multipliers to boost your performance.

Fun & Engagement

Based on my experience, I will say that Subway Surfers is a more fun and engaging game because Temple Run mainly focuses on the speed and difficulty of gameplay, so it gets boring and repetitive after a while as you run through the same temple over and over again.

Subway Surfers, however, keeps you hooked with its dynamic and fresh content. You never know what you will see next as you run through different cities and environments. You can also enjoy the game’s humor and charm, as you interact with the quirky characters and the grumpy inspector who chases you. You can also join events and challenges where you can compete with other players around the world for rewards and glory.

Most Popular Game

Temple Run came first than Subway Surfers in the mobile gaming industry, and it got high hype in the beginning, but today, if we see Play Store and App Store, Subway Surfers has more than 2.5 billion downloads and 41 million reviews compared to Temple Run. So Subway Surfers has also won this conquest.


In conclusion, Subway Surfers is better than Temple Run in many ways, like in the comparison of Subway Surfers vs Minion Rush. It has frequent updates and more entertaining power-ups and characters. Its gameplay is easier, more user-friendly, and more fun and engaging.

You can install Subway Surfers from the Play Store or App Store, or for unlimited coins/keys and unlock all characters; you can Subway Surfers Mod APK for free from the homepage of our site.


The level of addiction varies by player, but Subway Surfers’ forgiving gameplay and frequent content updates often make it more addictive for casual gamers, while Temple Run’s intense challenge may appeal to those seeking greater difficulty.g

Both games are designed to run on a wide range of devices, including older ones, but performance may vary depending on your device’s specifications.

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