Subway Surfers vs Minion Rush: Clash of the Runners

“Subway Surfers” and “Minion Rush” are both famous and heartwarming games, and often people wonder which one provides a better gaming experience. Today, we will compare the features of Subway Surfers and Minion Rush to determine which one is the best.

Subway Surfers vs Minion Rush Features

Subway Surfers and Minion Rush both have fantastic features, but there are some differences. Let’s take a look at who comes out on top.

FeatureSubway SurfersSubway Surfers
CharactersOver 5015+
Content updatesFrequentlyLess Frequent
PopularityMore popularLess popular
Content varietyMore contentLess content
ChallengeMore challengingLess challenging
Gameplay simplicityLess simpleMore simple

Gameplay Mechanics

Subway Surfers and Minion Rush have similar core gameplay because both require you to run endlessly. However, most players prefer Subway Surfers because it offers more variety and challenging gameplay.


Subway Surfers features different locations, characters, hoverboards, power-ups, and missions that keep the game fresh and exciting. Minion Rush, on the other hand, has less engaging gameplay due to its repetitive nature and limited customization options.

Subway Surfers vs Minon Rush Graphics

Both Subway Surfers and Minion Rush feature colorful and vivid graphics that create an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

However, Subway Surfers supports higher-resolution graphics 1080p(1920 x 1080 pixels), while Minion Rush supports 720p (1280 x 720 pixels). This means that Subway Surfers displays more detail and sharper images, especially on larger screens.


Subway Surfers also boasts a more realistic and urban theme with various cities like New York and Paris, along with elements like trains, bridges, and obstacles that add diversity and authenticity.

In contrast, Minion Rush has a more fantastical and whimsical theme inspired by the “Despicable Me” movies, featuring fictional elements like Minions, villains, and gadgets that add humor and adventure.

Subway Surfers offers more varied animations and graphic effects, such as hoverboard surfing, jetpacks, and lightning-fast swipe acrobatics, demanding player skill to achieve the highest score of the game In comparison, Minion Rush features effects like the banana vacuum, freeze ray, unicorn ride, and more, which are less frequent and impactful than those in Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers vs Minon Rush Popularity

Subway Surfers has been downloaded by over 1 billion people on the Play Store and has over 2 billion downloads overall from the internet, with a rating of 4.6 based on 40 million reviews.

On the other hand, Minion Rush has around 500 million downloads from the Play Store and approximately 1 billion downloads overall, making Subway Surfers the more popular choice.


Subway Surfers is more famous for its frequent updates, introducing new locations, characters, hoverboards, and limited-time events every month. Minion Rush, on the other hand, receives sporadic and minor updates, which often do not add as much value or novelty to the game.


Based on my experience playing both games, Subway Surfers is the better choice compared to Minion Rush as I have suggested in my blog posts on Subway Surfers vs Temple Run and Subway Surfers vs Sonic Dash. Please feel free to share in the comments which game you prefer between the two.

Subway Surfers has a wide range of characters to unlock, often tied to specific locations or events. Minion Rush also features various Minion costumes and characters to collect.

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