Subway Surfers vs Sonic Dash – Review 2024

As a mobile game enthusiast, I always try to play different games to know what games are doing for their players and how they engage them with their game. So for this purpose, today I share my review of two popular games,Subway Surfers vs Sonic Dash.

subway surfers vs sonic dash

I spend a lot of time on both games so that I can share my personal, genuine opinion with my beloved reader.

Overview of Subway Surfers and Sonic Dash

Subway Surfers and Sonic Dash both belong to the simplest category of mobile games called arcades, in which the character you play runs endlessly and the game does not go over until they hit something.

In both games, a character by default is given to you, which you play in the game, and you can also upgrade her/him by completing different required missions. The main difference between these two games is that the character in the subway surfers you play is a human character and may be male or female. But in Sonic Dash, you play as an animal character, not a human.

One of the many differences is that in Subway Surfer, you run from the police and his dog as you make graffiti art on the trains. But in Sonic Dash, you play as a hero who saves animals from enemies and protects them.

Another difference like Subway Surfers vs Minion Rush between them is their premises. In Subway Surfers, being a naughty character, you run from the police and his dog as you make various arts on the trains. But in the case of Sonic Dash, you play as a hero who aims to free animals from enemies and save them.

Universal Appeal and Accessibility

In the game industry, it is very important which game is being played and liked universally. So first, we look towards the Subway Surfers, who, since 2012, have been leading in the endless runner category as a leader with more than 4 billion players and a high rating with most reviews just because of their cleanliness and engaging content.

subway surfers and sonic dash

On the other hand, Sonic Dash has also been gaining good popularity since 2013 but has had fewer downloads as compared to Subway Surfers, which has approximately 1 billion downloads and a high rating.

Shorty, In popularity, Subway Surfers beat Sonic Dash.

Subway Surfers vs Sonic Dash Power-Ups

Sonic Dash power-ups range from simple ones like coin magnets to advanced ones like Enemy Combo to boost. I use all the power-ups when required. They help me a lot in hazard situations, but thereby I have also had bad experiences with some power-ups like Spring Bonus, which sometimes, instead of saving me, throw me into unexpected hazards or awkward landings that not only cost my rings but also disrupt my momentum.

subway surfers and sonic dash power-ups

Subway Surfers Power-ups, other than being simple and easy to use, help me collect a lot of coins for unlocking different characters and save me in dangerous conditions, keeping my momentum at a high level and boosting my score.

Consistent and Creative Updates

Subway Surfers, every month, consistently update the game with creative contents. By introducing real-life hero characters from our society and unique accessories to customise them, as for why people emotionally attach to the game. Sonic Dash updates games, but not too consistently; moreover, the content is not too innovative, but there are new challenges and missions in order to collect rings and gems.

Inclusive Monetization Model

Like every game, subway surfers has also monetized with in-app purchases and ads for the players who want to stock a lot of game items or to continue the game after being caught by the police. But all game items are available for free to the player who does not spend a single penny in the game.

On the other hand, Sonic Dash has adopted monetization like subway surfers, but the thing to be noted is that its monetization model encourages the player to buy game items instead of collecting them by playing. Which could potentially impact such players who do not want to spend their money.

Endearing Aesthetics and Atmosphere

Subway Surfers’s atmosphere and graphics change regularly, every month bringing new locations with incredible visuals for which the game keeps evolving backdrops for the runs. while the graphic of Sonic Dash is also addictive, like the pathway on which you run is placed on the sea. Moreover, the location of Sonic Dash is also a place with incredible scenery in Japan.

subway surfers vs sonic dash  graphics


In conclusion, I would say that what I have been feeling is that subway surfers charm their players with addictive content and provide the best experience for all ages of people. While Sonic Dash focuses on its fast pace, through which it engages people who love to play fast-paced games.

Both games have their own pros and cons, but if I have to suggest the game you can play in your leisure time or when you travel, it is Subway Surfers for its incredible graphics, easy control, and a lot of unique content that never makes you get bored.

Lastly, as I always say, if you have found this blog useful like Subway Surfers vs Temple Run, do not forget to share this piece of content about Subway Surfers vs Sonic Dash with your fellows and community. If you have any opinions or feelings about subway surfers and Sonic Dash that make you feel happy while playing, share them with us in the comment box.

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