Subway Surfers Power-ups Upgrade: A Detailed Guide

Subway Surfers power-ups are special items or abilities that enhance a player’s performance, providing advantages or new capabilities within the game.

Which Subway Surfers Power-ups are Upgradeable

In the subway surfers game, you can upgrade only 4 Power-ups:

  • HoverBoard
  • Jetpack
  • Coin Magnet
  • 2X Multiplier
  • Jetpack

Jetpack, a rocket-powered suit, makes the player fly high into the air and become invincible to all players. It is used to collect a large number of gold coins and boost the score in a short amount of time.

Like other power-ups, the jetpack also has a limited fly time duration; the duration can be increased by upgrading in the shop. It is useful to use Jetpack in conjunction with the Coin Magnet and the 2x Multiplier, to maximise your earnings.

  • Coin Magnet

The Coin Magnet power-up in Subway Surfers makes collecting coins easy pickings. Once collected, the character automatically attracts every coin in its path. Try to use the Coin Magnet with Score Booster and 2xMultiplier to boost your score.

  • 2x Multiplier

The 2x multiplier doubles down on your score in 12 seconds. You can stack it by collecting it from the track or from Mystery Boxes, and can also purchase it with 4000 coins from the shop. Upgrading with coins increases its lasting duration.

  • Super Sneakers

Super Sneakers inside the game give you the power to jump higher than normal. You will collect coins and dodge the on-coming obstacle like a piece of cake with their help.

Super Sneakers last for 30 seconds and can be collected easily multiple times in a single run. Also, they can be found in Mystery Boxes, or purchased with coins. Upgrade Super Sneakers with coins to improve your performance and enjoy higher jumps for a longer duration.

Which Subway Surfers Power-ups are not Upgradeable

The following subway surfers power-ups cannot be upgraded:

  • Hoverboard
  • Score Booster
  • Pogo Sticks
  • Super Mysterizer
  • Headstart
  • Mystery Box
  • Hoverboard

Subway Surfers brings regular updates for hoverboards with distinct designs and different purchase prices. You will enjoy those boards by purchasing in-game gold coins, keys, or tokens.


Each hoverboard has a different surfing speed; you will have to collect the required coins to upgrade your hoverboard. Also, coins are needed to increase survival times by 30 seconds.

  • Score Booster

Score Booster, a powerful power-up, increases the player’s multiplier by 5, 6, and 7 until the end of the run. It was introduced at the RIO World Tour event.

It is a rare item, available in Mystery Boxes, Super Mystery Boxes, or Weekly Hunts. It costs 3,000 gold to purchase from the in-game store.

It is a one-time-use item, assisting the player in achieving a high score. Expert tip: For achieving a high score, use it with other score multipliers, such as the 2x Multiplier and the Super Mysterizer.

  • Pogo sticks

Pogo Sticks, a power jumper, appear on the track and give the player a high jump. You can collect it from track or as a reward through Daily Login. It first appeared at the World Tour Beijing event.

Pogo Sticks assist you in making a higher jump than the jump of Super Sneakers. A pro tip is to use it with a Coin Magnet to collect all the scattered gold coins in the sky at once.

  • Super Mysterizer

The Super Mysterizer, a purple mystery box with a question mark, is a rare power-up you will get on Mystery Monday. It has no powers but has random abilities. You would collect it from the subway surfers track.

Super Mysterizer has four different random ability options: a random hoverboard, Double Jump, Double Coins, 10x Multiplier. It was released in 2014 at a New York World Tour event.

  • Headstart

Headstart, a one-time-use item, gives the player a boost of speed and distance at the beginning of a run just by tapping its icon. Its speed and distance depend on its level.

You can obtain it from Mystery Boxes, Super Mystery Boxes, Weekly Hunts, or the Daily Bonus. Its cost is only 3000 coins at an in-game shop

  • Mystery Box

Mystery Box is a secret reward box containing random items at each opening and is also a shortcut way to win a Coin Jackpot in Subway Surfers. Super Mystery Box, Token Box, and Mini Mystery Box are also types of Mystery Box.

You can get it in three ways: pick it up from the railroad, watch approximately 12 ads, or buy it from a game store for just 600 coins.

Power-ups Upgrade Costs

Here are the costs for each level of Jetpack Powerup upgrade

UpgradeTime DurationPrice (Coins)
Level – 19 seconds500 
Level – 211 seconds1500 
Level – 313 seconds3000 
Level – 415 seconds10000 
Level – 519 seconds30000 
Level – 625 seconds60000 

Here are the upgrade costs based on each level for the Coin Magnet, Super sneakers, and 2x Multiplier for each level:

UpgradeTime DurationPrice (Coins)
Level – 112 seconds500 
Level – 214 seconds1500 
Level – 316 seconds3000 
Level – 419 seconds10000 
Level – 524 seconds30000 
Level – 630 seconds60000 

Subway Surfers Power-ups Tier Lists

Tier 1:

  • Gold Coin Magnet
  • Jetpack 
  • 2x multiplier
  • Score Booster

Tier 2:

  • Hoverboard
  • Super Sneakers 
  • Score Booster

Tier 3:

  • Pogo Stick
  • Mystery Box
  • Super Mysteries

Tier 4:

  • Head start

Price for Subway Surfers Power-Ups buying

Power-upsCoinsPrice (USD)
Super Sneakers200$0.99
2x Multiplier200$0.99
Coin Magnet500$1.99

How do I troubleshoot disabled subway surfers’ power-ups?

At times, Subway Surfers power-ups do not activate correctly or do not work properly. If you’ve faced this problem, consider these potential solutions:

  1. First, try to fix it with a simple game restart.
  2. Update the game from the Play Store for Android and from the App Store for iOS (iPhone/iPad).
  3. Check your device’s system version; if it is an old one, upgrade it to the latest version.
  4. you must know how to activate power-ups. For example, you tap the screen twice to activate the hoverboard.
  5. Make sure you have a stock of power-ups; for example, check the quantity of Score Booster and Mega Headstart, etc.
  6. Uninstall the game and install it again.

If you’re still facing problems, then try to contact the Subway Surfers Support Team and inform them of your issues.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Subway Surfers with upgradeable and non-upgradeable power-ups not only improves your gameplay but also unlocks a new dimension of fun and excitement.

Upgrading power-ups, along with increasing your high score, adds a layer of strategy to the game. Non-upgrading power-ups offer a level playing field where skill, not progression, takes the lead.

Tell us in the comment section which power-up you prioritise to upgrade first, and why?


Coin Magnet is the top choice because it effortlessly attracts coins, allowing you to buy upgrades faster, and it doesn’t hinder you from completing missions or collecting other goodies.

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